30th anniversary IAWA exhibition  
(optional for congress delegates)

Description: The IAWA Center will create a digital exhibit, honoring its 30th anniversary, to be on view during the 18th UIFA Congress as a virtual means of browsing the archive and discovering its holdings.

Additionally to honor the IAWA’s 30th Anniversary, the archive will reserve a space for the work of each Congress delegate and invites each delegate to submit a digital image of an original work, a photographic portrait, and CV to be included in the archive.

Details for submitting your work:

1. Choose and submit a digital image of an original work created by you that was instrumental to your career in architecture as a personal, seminal work. The original work could be in the form of a sketch, a drawing, a photograph, a collage, a painting, or other media.

2. Choose and submit a digital photographic portrait that demonstrates you in your working environment.

3. Suggested guidelines for submitting the image files:
a. Pixel resolution - 300dpi with pixel ratio of 1920x1080 minimum OR 1920 minimum width and 1080 minimum height.
b. Color profile - SRGB or RGB
c. Save the digital image of your work as SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_work.jpg. Save the portrait as SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_portrait.jpg.

4. Submit a copy of your CV (word document or PDF, save as SURNAME_FIRSTNAME_cv)

5. Upload all files to the shared Google Drive found here.